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Know Your High Risk Voyager Zones!

High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance is not like other travel insurance products. The High Risk Voyager destination Zones are based on the risk of visiting that country based up a number of factors, such as political stability, rather than necessarily geographic area, as many mainstream travel insurance products are. Therefore, it is important that you select the correct Zone when buying your policy to ensure you have the correct cover in place.

Please Note: Due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine, we are unable to cover people travelling to Ukraine and Russia

Please see below to find which Zone you need to select for your trip when purchasing your High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance policy.

Zone A  Zone B   Zone C  Zone D

Zone A

Single Trip Policies Only. Includes countries/regions listed in Zone, B,C & D
Zone A: Not Available on Annual Multi-Trip Cover.

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Zone B

Includes countries/regions listed in Zone C & D

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Zone C

Includes countries/regions listed in Zone D

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Zone D

Any country/territory worldwide (including USA/Canada) not listed in Zone A, B or C

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We reserve the right to amend the Territorial Limit Zones, if in Our sole opinion, there is a material sustained change in the risk profile within any such Territorial Limit Zone(s). We also reserve the right to charge an additional premium from a higher rated territory for a destination listed in a lower rated Territorial Limit Zone in the event of a short-term increase in risk profile. Any such rating or Territory Limit Zone amendments will not affect existing policies already purchased and will be implemented via the online policy administration system for any future High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance policies commencing from the date of such change.