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1. What are the excesses? 

These vary from section to section depending on the level of cover you have paid the appropriate premium for. Please refer to the benefits schedule in High Risk Voyager policy wording.

2. What is a high-risk territorial zone and area?

These are locations where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has advised against ‘All Travel’ or ‘All but Essential Travel’, these can be areas that are war zones, crisis zones, and disaster relief zones.

3. Who can buy High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance? 

Any Individuals or groups who are travelling to high-risk territorial zones and areas against FCDO travel advice can buy the policy. This includes journalists, news reporters, charity workers, volunteers, and aid workers.

However, you would not be eligible to buy a High-Risk Voyager Travel insurance if you are:

  • serving full or part-time or temporarily in the armed forces
  • not a resident of the United Kingdom or Channel Islands

4. Can I travel to any country with High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance?

The countries you can travel to on your High Risk Voyager policy will depend on the Zone you select when you purchase your policy. However, our High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance cannot provide cover for all destinations where FCDO is advising against ‘all travel’ or ‘all but essential travel’.

If you are travelling to Russia and Belarus, unfortunately, our High Risk Voyager policy cannot offer cover due to the existence of international sanctions. However, if you are travelling to destinations such as Sudan and Ukraine, these countries can be considered on a referral basis.

To see the list of areas you can travel to on a High Risk Voyager policy please click here and view our 'Know Your Zones' page.

5. I don’t know which Zone/Area of cover I need.

If you are not certain which Zone/Area of cover you need to buy, you can either visit our Know Your High Risk Voyager Zones page or refer to page 5 in High Risk Voyager Policy wording.

You will need to select the appropriate Zone/Area of cover to ensure you have the appropriate cover.

6. What’s the maximum duration on a High Risk Voyager Single Trip policy?

The maximum duration available on an High Risk Voyager Single Trip policy is 31 days for Leisure only policy, and 365 days for Business & Leisure Policy. 

Please check your policy certificate and policy wording for further information.

7. What’s the limit on the amount of times I can travel on my Annual Multi Trip policy?

You can travel as often as you like, to as many high risk destinations as you wish depending on the zone you have selected for those up to the age of 69. There is, however, a maximum duration for each trip you take which is 31 days. 

8. Does High Risk Voyager cover an existing medical condition?

Unexpected Acute Recurrence of a Pre-Existing Condition(s) will be covered subject to the Terms of the Policy, unless:

  1. You or Your travelling companions have been given a terminal diagnosis
  2. You or Your Travelling Companions planning to travel against the advice of a Medical Practitioner or travelling specifically to seek, or You know You will need, medical treatment while You are away?
  3. You or Your Travelling Companions on a waiting list for an operation or treatment at a Hospital or have any undiagnosed symptoms that require tests or investigation, or awaiting the results of any tests of investigations?
  4. You or Your Travelling Companions’ doctor changed any regular prescribed medication in the last 3 months?
  5. Has Your Pre-Existing Condition(s) required or received medical treatment* or consultation** within the last:
  6. 24 consecutive months, or
  7. 60 months in the case of cancer related conditions or heart conditions (excluding controlled blood pressure or non-inherited cholesterol);

prior to the commencement date of the period of travel?

Note: * Continuing regular medication that is taken at Home for a stable, well controlled condition does not amount to ‘treatment’ in this context. ** If You or Your Travelling Companions have stable conditions that require no more than 2 routine check-ups/ reviews every year, this does not amount to ‘consultation’ in this context.

If You or You travelling companions answer Yes to any of these questions there is NO COVER for claims related to these conditions.

9. Does the policy have cover for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

High Risk Voyager has a number of elements of cover that relate to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our policies will ONLY provide cover for claims directly or indirectly related to a pandemic and/or epidemic, including but not limited to Coronavirus (Covid–19) within the following sections:

A1 – Emergency Medical Expenses

A2 – Emergency medical repatriation / evacuation

A6 – Additional accommodation, food & travel expenses

A10 – Identification and repatriation of remains or overseas burial/cremation

A11 – Hospitalisation benefit

There is no cover under ALL other sections of standard cover for any claims directly or indirectly related to a pandemic and/or epidemic including but not limited to Coronavirus (COVID–19).

For full details, please see your policy wording.

10. Is there a Kidnap/Ransom cover? 

There is No Kidnap and Ransom cover under High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance – you will need to take out a separate insurance Kidnap and Ransom policy.

11. What is the cancellation period on High Risk Voyager Policy?

You have a ‘cooling off’ period where, should you decide that you find the terms and conditions do not meet your requirements, provided you have not travelled or claimed on the policy, you can advise High Risk Voyager within 14 days of purchase for a full refund to be considered.

However, if the cancellation of the policy is beyond 14 days, the following refund criteria below will apply:

  • Policies cancelled after 14 days of receipt but prior to the start date - Full refund less a £15 administration charge (currency is determined by the currency in which Your premium was paid)
  • Policies cancelled after the start date:
    1. Single Trip Policies: no refund
    2. Annual Multi-trip policies: provided no claims have been paid or are in progress, proportional basis refund from the date the Insured Person’s instructions are received or any later date specified by the Insured Person less a £15 administration charge (currency is determined by the currency in which your premium was paid).

12. How do I get a copy of my policy documents?

When you purchase Travel Insurance from High Risk Voyager, we send you a confirmation email with your policy documents attached. You can also get a copy of the full High Risk Voyager  Travel Insurance policy wording is available here along with more details and features of the High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance policy.

We recommend printing off a copy of this email, and strongly recommend taking a copy on your travels with you.

That said, if you do misplace your policy and would like a copy, please contact us by phone on +44 (0) 1483 806 686 or email us at

Still have questions?

Call our High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance Customer Service team on  +44 (0)1483 806 686 or send an email to and we’ll get right back to you.